By Ryan Ngala

Harlem, New York

Chapter One: To Governor’s Island We Go

As we left home my Mom, Florence, Wendy, Abel and I all walked down to 125th Street and Lexington Avenue, just to buy some lunch from McDonald’s. As we left I saw some coins fall on the street and I decided to pick it up. However my sisters told me that I should stop. But I didn’t listen and they walked ahead. I had to run as fast I can to catch up, but the car was right behind me and for a second there I thought I was going to be road kill but I knew I was going to be safe with God’s grace. Then Me, my Mom and the rest of my siblings went to the subway station on the east side section of 125th Street and took it all the way down to the bowling green station that took us to governor’s island ferry. Me and the rest of the family had got on the boat, and when we arrived we had to run to get some free bikes. But turns out it’s only free on Friday at least one exercised. So me and the rest of my family went all the way back to the dock, to wait for the next boat that can takes us back to Brooklyn.

Chapter Two: To Brooklyn Here We Are

But while in Brooklyn Abel, Wendy, and Florence went to the water park and my mom went on the swings. Then the family and I got on the New York water way boat and went straight back to the same spot at governor’s island.

Chapter Three: Back To Governor’s Island

My Mom was a little bit hungry so Abel, Florence, and I all went to the vending machine where my mom had bought herself a bag of sun chips, and while she was buying Abel, Florence and Wendy were all looking for change for $5.00. Then when they got it they all put in $2.00 cause the soda cost $1.50 and all that was left was just 50 cent so they just use $1.00 to add 50 cent with it and bought two bottles of sprite. One for Abel and I to share and one for my sisters. After that me and the rest of the family went to the veronica’s kitchen and we ordered something to eat I order a hot dog, Florence order a b.b.q chicken, and Wendy and Abel just bought some drinks and my Mom paid for all of us. Later Abel had told us to walk on Clayton road in order to find a golf course and as when we found it I saw a sculpture of a pineapple house and a model of futurama as well. My Mom and my siblings had some fun while throwing a Frisbee to each other also passing it to one another while they where walking and so was I. I and my Mom was walking for a couple of minutes as we almost run to get ourselves out here my siblings told me and my Mom to hurry up cause the boat was already there but unfortunately it was too late, we just have to wait for the next one to come.

Chapter Four: There Goes The Boat

Then the New York water way boat, came our way and I and the rest of the family where the first ones on the boat and we were on the upper level deck. As we was arriving back to Manhattan, I had met three friendly people who loved New York as much as I do and they were Benjamin Schwarze, Yuko Morikawa, and Chiaki Kiyohara they had seen the New York feature once I had a chance to a take a picture of them, the picture was so crystal clear.

Chapter Five: Were Going Home

Then the boat arrived to Manhattan as we took off, but Florence, Wendy and I met a camera lady and she took each one of us our own picture and Wendy had taken her a picture and Florence had given her own e-mail addresses written on a piece of paper. Then we took the subway station and went on the number four train my Mom, Florence, Wendy, Abel and I all have plans of where we wanted to be a place where we called home.