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Dania Londono Suarez speaks out in a radio interview on friday talking about the secret service scandal as she was one of the prostitutes being involved.

By Ryan Ngala

During the wake of the secret service scandal sparked in Cartagena, Columbia After the president’s visit as 11 prostitutes along with secret service agents
Was a part of a scandal that caught the news media by storm
Now one of the woman is speaking out for the first time about the incident in a radio interview about the day that it happened.

She speaks about one of the agents who he said she looks very attractive and asked her to go out with him and that is where the situation had turn out to become very ugly.

For the first time since the prostitution scandal erupted in the hotel of Cartagena, Columbia three weeks ago, a women identifying herself as Dania Londono Suarez who was a Cartagena escort is speaking publicly during a paid interview on the Columbia radio network she said she was the escort at the center of the scandal whose confrontation with a man she later on learned was an agent over his refusal to pay her fee, drew the authorities and sparked the investigation.

Speaking in Spanish, she said “It was obvious. I can’t believe he would be so dumb and so stupid to think I wasn’t going to charged him money”. She was also asked “Whether she could have posed a risk to the president’s security” her answer “If I had wanted to or I had been part of one of those terrorist groups, it’s obvious I would’ve been able to get everything “.

In the interview, she said the agent and two others with him were drinking heavily that night, and she said after the scandal blew up, she flew to Dubai fearing for her safety and that of her son.

During all that time she said, she’s never been contacted by U.S. officials investigating the scandal. A point of concern to a leading congressman briefed on the investigation. “This woman is actually essential to the investigation, since she’s the one who created the initial conflict that brought the whole house down. She was the one involved at the very center of this whole case, and the secret service has not been in contact to be able to interview with her “ said Rep. Peter King.

The U.S. secret service has not been commented on the Suarez interview. In the wake of the scandal, nine personnel there are leaving the agency, representative Mr. King said one agent failed a polygraph test. The pentagon said the investigation of 12 U.S. military personnel is completed now and forever more, awaiting the final review.