STN NEWS: Exclusive Interview With The Models At The OlaStyle Fashion Talent Show At The Webster Hall

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5 – On – One Interview With Ryan Ngala

The Five Extraordinary Models Out Of 18 models speaks out about the fun they had at the Olastyle Fashion Talent Show At The Webster Hall. 

By Ryan Ngala
What makes five out of the best hottest girls who has guts to walked up upon the stage along with the thirteen other models right in front of them, that doesn’t take no chances in risking just to show off a thing or two while they strike a pose, now that’s what I like to called fashion girl power but with all say and done, These girls just took time off there busy schedule just to show what they got it takes to be in the Olastyle fashion talent show at the Webster Hall. 
Many photographers decided to take pictures with individual models right in front of them but knowing that they look so fashionably gorgeous in their stunning dress as they walked the Marlin Ballroom stage, Celebrity Fashion Designer Ola Hawatmeh designs each set of clothes for the fabulous 18 fashion models standing right behind her, but as these Five Models who were Anna Winter, Porcha Gordon, Claire Nam, Lori Spano and Rosy Ramchandani or Rosy R. for short speaks exclusively to STN News, about how was the event so important to them and how they can reach their fans out on social media. 
1. RN: What Is Your Age, Name And Where Are You From?
Porcha Gordon, Age: 26 Born In Houston,TX But Originally From The Bronx, NY | 
Anna Winter, Age: 26 Born In Sioux Falls, South Dakota But Originally From Astoria, NY | 
Lori Spano, Age: 38 Long Island, NY | 
Claire Nam, Age: 25 Korea | 
Rosy R, Age: 24 Queens, NY
2. RN: How was the event exciting for you at the Webster Hall?
AW: I love Ola Hawatmeh and wanted to work with her for the past year. 
PG: The event was awesome – I am very excited to be able to participate in the show. 
LS: A lot of fun, very friendly and very nice people. 
RR: I love that many of the photographers were here in show of support for us and the talent we bring at the Webster Hall. 
CN: I never imagine being on stage, and I really like the design of the dress that Olastyle made. 
3. RN: How Was It Like To Perform on the runway on this historic occasion?
AW: A very long final bow – very fun. 
PG: Amazing. 
LS: Really exciting and very liberating. 
CN: I love cool music and the flow, DJ plays the music and make everyone feel that they are here to celebrate for their own stuff. 
RR: It was amazing, fun and very different. 
4. RN: How was it like seeing a venue this big for you to perform in?
AW: We owned it and used all the space. 
PG: It was unlike any other experience. 
LS: Big room, small room is all the same. 
RR: It was really fun, interesting and neat. This is my first time modeling. 
CN: I like the way how the designer and model perform together at the same time, Fantastic. 
5. RN: Any Comments You Would Want To Add. (Ex. Social Media)
AW: My fans can also follow me on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter at Http:// | Http:// | Http:// | Http:// | Http:// 
PG: Ola is an amazingly fashion designer and her line is just perfection. 

You can follow me on Instagram and Twitter:

Http://, Http:// 

And make sure you follow Ola Hawatmeh 

On Instagram At Http://
LS: I will love to do this again. 
RR: You can also follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter:


CN: My website is

Follow me at Instagram on

Follow me on LinkedIn on

Follow Me On Facebook on
During our interview now officially being over as I speak, all of the models are there being speak to other people of how the event went and what not and seeing that my time spending with them did not go to waste, My exclusive interview features one by a rap artist turn model named Barbee Eselebor (Whose Real named is Faith Jackson Eselebor according to But no comment on Trish Ramado & James S. Ryan Or Ola Hawatmeh reaction of the event they went because it was such an amazing day. 


STN News Exclusive: Faith Jackson Eselebor A.K.A Barbee Eselebor Talks About The Olastyle Fashion Talent Show At The Webster Hall

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Rap Star Barbee Eselebor Attends The Olastyle Fashion Talent Show 

At The Webster Hall

By Ryan Ngala

What if you imagine that a rapper wanting to become a fashion model with many photographers flashing their photos as she strike a pose, the 26 year old Faith Jackson Eselebor also known as Barbee Eselebor spoke to STN News exclusively about having herself a good time while she was at the event in support of Olastyle Fashion, as she was wearing a hoodie but she also has great talented right in front of her both in rapping and modeling skills. 

According to a website of, A United States – based actress, dancer, and singer Barbee Eselebor (whose real name is Faith Jackson Eselebor and whose parents hail from Jamaica and Nigeria), joins in suppport for the Olastyle Fashion Talent Show At The Marlin Ballroom In Webster Hall.

  1. What Is Your Age, Name And Where Are You From?

BE: My name is Barbee Eselebor and I’m 26 years old. 

  1. How was the event exciting for you at the Webster Hall?

BE: I love the event, it was smashing to me. 

  1. How Was It Like To Perform on the runway on this historic occasion?

BE: I love it, It was an amazing historic moment to witness. 

  1. How was it like seeing a venue this big for you to perform in?

BE: It was very inspiring to work even harder to get where I am to perform at the Webster hall, It was such a blast. 

  1. Any Comments You Would Want To Add. (Ex. Social Media)

BE: The fans can follow me on Instagram at  

While our conversation was over many photographers wanted to start taking more photos and also knowing that she is just an excellent woman at what she does, a dozen of gorgeous poses means a couple of photos from the photographers in an venue space for a special event Trish Ramado was the Host and Emcee for the Olastyle fashion talent show but out of all the models I seen, she will always be a one in a million. 

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18 Models Takes Center Stage At The Webster Hall

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18 Models Takes Center Stage At The Webster Hall
The Dresses And Bikinis: Celebrity Designer Ola Hawatmeh Takes Over Center Stage And A Big Standing Ovation For The Love Of Fashion Designing
By Ryan Ngala
[New York, NY] Lights, Cameras, Action!!! The models are all set and ready to party, but the many of models they are in total, the more loud pack excitement the crowd will be having and as many photographers to start taking pictures with, this Webster hall event has a total of eight sections in all and so far the marlin ballroom is one of the most biggest venue space I have ever seen, in terms of the DJ’s who plays the music and also getting their groove on.
At the Marlin Ballroom located at the Webster Hall on the east side of 125th East 11th Street between 3rd and 4th Avenue, The Olastyle fashion talent show has started no later than eight-thirty pm the models perform it on stage, where they eventually started in the center where as many photographers started to flick their cameras and along came the total of eighteen fashion models right in front of them as they walked upon the stage and came back down the stage stairway as the photographers directed and pointed to which the models should stand as they were taking the photos one by one, as I was sitting by the comfy chairs rooting and cheering for them hollering “Whoo Hoo”.
The eighteen fashion gorgeous models started with their design dresses first but then here comes the fun part that becomes very interesting as they started to changed into their bikini swimsuit look the photographers were very satisfied and please with their stunning gorgeous look so they decided to take some more, but in the meantime they all took a break with a light refreshments of cool drinks and when the fashion talent show was finally over at nine-thirty pm, Ms. Ola Hawatmeh and the 18 fashion models behind her take a bow as many photographers started to continued taking their pictures from the left, to the center and from the right corner of the main Marlin ballroom stage.